Workforce Summits

Gov. Dennis Daugaard and the SD WINS Cabinet hosted regional Workforce Summits to discuss what state, community, business and education leaders can do next to advance South Dakota’s workforce initiatives.

The Summits were open to the public and provided a forum to discuss current programs, learn about demographics and workforce trends and determine what strategies to move forward. The day’s event included panel discussion and breakout groups. 

Learn more about what took place at the Summits, see videos and reports of the outcomes: 

Resources (in Adobe .pdf format unless otherwise noted)

Growth and Change in South Dakota Labor Markets, an Assessment of the State’s Labor Market Imbalance in a Weak National Recovery. Prepared by Neeta P. Fogg and Paul E. Harrington, Drexel University Center for Labor Market Policy, February 2014.

Workforce Programs for Employers brochure

Workforce Summit Invite