Technical Institute Distance Education

Many potential workers may not have access to skill training due to their current work schedule or geographic location in the state. South Dakota WINS seeks to overcome this obstacle by providing a Technical Institute Distance Education program for welders and machinists.

Purpose of the Technical Institute Distance Education program: Provide technical institute distance education programs for potential workers who do not have access to skilled training due to their current work schedule, other obligations or geographic location.


  1. Increase number of trained welders and machinists.
  2. Increase geographic reach of welding and machining training programs.
South Dakota's technical institutes will collaboratively develop a course where lectures are delivered online to allow scheduling flexibility for the participants. The portions of the program that require hands-on training will be done in laboratories on the campus of any one of the technical institutes at alternative times to best meet the needs of non-traditional students. In addition, students have the option of completing their lab training on location at an industry site.