SD MyLife

SD MyLife is a website aimed at helping South Dakota students research career options. Using this site, students can take interest and ability assessments in order to learn which careers might make a good match for them. They can explore careers by cluster, keyword, or school subjects. Students can also research postsecondary education and training options, build their own career portfolios, and learn about scholarship opportunities.

As they progress through high school, students can map their educational careers using the site. They are able to build a Personal Learning Plan, save assessment scores, log career planning activities and extracurricular involvement, and even build a resume.

Purpose of the SD MyLife program: To provide 7th through 12th grade students with the resources for career and academic planning.

  1. Increase usage of SD MyLife website.
  2. Increase business participation through SD MyLife network in order to display more business opportunities to students.
  3. Use personal learning plans as a tool to engage students, teachers, counselors and parents while providing career information.

Check out SD MyLife.