South Dakota Wins...
when our children are prepared to
compete in a global, high-tech economy.
South Dakota Wins...
when our workforce is qualified and prepared
for all types of careers.
South Dakota Wins...
when every citizen of our state—no matter
where they live—has access to the same
quality health care.
South Dakota Wins...
when our population grows by welcoming new
faces and encouraging the return of those who
have left our state.

SD WINS – South Dakota Workforce Initiative

South Dakota has a quality of life that's second to none. Our friendly communities, low cost of living and limitless fulfilling career opportunities make the land of Great Faces and Great Places a great place to live. As Governor of South Dakota, I'm committed to maintaining our quality of life and growing our economy.

However, we can't grow our economy without growing and training our people. That's why we've launched South Dakota WINS, a workforce development program that brings together government, education and business leaders to capitalize on South Dakota's tremendous potential. The components of this program will help South Dakota develop and attract a stronger, better educated workforce, positioning us well to compete in a dynamic global economy.

South Dakota WINS will better prepare our young people for the future, all while providing immediate training to our citizens so they can fill the positions already in our state. It will also work to improve access to rural health care and aggressively market South Dakota to attract new citizens and encourage the return of those who've moved away from our state.

South Dakota is a strong and resilient state. We've always relied on ourselves – not others – to get the job done. That's why I'm asking you to join me now as we get to work building a solid future for the next generation of South Dakotans. Together, we can ensure that South Dakota WINS.

Governor Dennis Daugaard